An Introduction to Home Sleep Study Tests

This article explains everything you need to know about taking part in a sleep study. The topic can be an overwhelming one, so it's broken down into more manageable parts. By having these points to focus on, you will find out what is needed to take part in a sleep study and understand what to expect when you register. What is a Sleep Study? A sleep study uses equipment to monitor heart rate, brain activity, movement during the night, blood oxygen levels, etc. [Read More]

What To Expect When You Have Laser Prostate Surgery

Laser prostate surgery is an alternative to the more traditional approach of open surgery. It's considered safe and effective, and it can also have many benefits when compared to open surgery, such as smaller incisions and a quicker recovery time. Laser prostate surgery may be recommended as a treatment approach for a number of conditions, including benign prostatic hyperplasia, which leads to enlargement of the prostate, and persistent urinary tract infections that have not responded to more conservative treatment. [Read More]

What Does An Obstetrician Do?

An obstetrician is a specialist who provides medical care and intervention during a patient's pregnancy and birth. They are doctors with additional training in the management of complex pregnancies and births and can carry out certain surgical procedures, such as caesareans. You may be referred to an obstetrician if you meet certain criteria or experience a complication during pregnancy, or you can opt to have a private obstetrician for the duration of your pregnancy. [Read More]

Guide to Patellar Tendon Tear

The patellar tendon connects your kneecap to the muscles in the front of your thigh. This fibrous tissue plays a key role in the straightening of your leg, so when it tears, your mobility will be restricted and some daily tasks can become challenging. This type of knee injury is relatively common in athletes, but it can also occur in those who are not overly active. A patellar tendon tear can occur as a result of a fall, and it can also occur when a person has weak tendons. [Read More]