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5 Benefits of Micro BTE Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are a popular alternative to in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. Micro BTE hearing aids are the smallest type of hearing aids that sit behind the ear. This type of hearing aid brings many benefits and are suitable for a wide range of people.

1. Less Whistling

One problem with ITE hearing aids is that they often produce feedback, which sounds like high-pitched whistling to the person wearing the device. Feedback occurs in this type of device because the microphone and the speaker are too close together, which means that the microphone picks up the sound produced by the speaker and amplifies it. BTE hearing aids produce less feedback because the speaker and microphone are further apart.

2. Resistant to Moisture Damage

Another problem with ITE hearing aids is that they often require repairs due to moisture damage. The ear canal contains a lot of moisture from sweat and ear wax, which can get into the device and damage the way it works. BTE hearing aids are much less likely to become clogged up with wax or damaged by sweat due to their position away from the ear canal, which means they should need repairing much less often.

3. Discreet

Some people feel embarrassed about having to wear hearing aids, particularly if they are new to using an aid or are experiencing hearing loss at a young age. Micro BTE hearing aids are very discreet due to their small size. Compared to the standard size of BTE hearing aids, micro hearing aids are much smaller and therefore much less noticeable. For most people, this hearing aid is completely hidden by the upper part of their ear, which means no one needs to know you are wearing one.

4. Programmable

Micro BTE hearing aids use digital signal processing technology to amplify sound. This smart technology can help to filter out annoying background noise while making speech sound louder and clearer. These hearing aids should automatically adjust to give the best possible sound amplification in a range of different environments. However, you can adjust the amplification settings if you are not happy with the automatic results.

5. Suitable For Most Hearing Conditions

Micro BTE hearing aids are suitable for most cases of mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. If you are not sure whether they are the right choice for you, contact a micro BTE hearing aid provider for advice.