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Tips on hiring the best caregiver for your loved one

Caring for a person with a disability full-time may be financially stressful because you would not be able to work while providing the care. Moreover, it may also cause mental stress especially when you are not adequately trained in delivering the kind of care that your loved one may need. The government, through the National Disability Insurance Scheme, has attempted to take care of the financial strain aspect by providing allowances for the caregiver as well as for the disabled individual.

However, if you would rather your disabled loved one should be taken care of at home as opposed to an institution, it is prudent that you hire a caregiver who is trained in providing the type of care that your loved requires. For instance, if your loved one needs regular assistance with medical services such as medication, physical therapy, and nursing services, hiring a home health care caregiver is essential. Below are some of the factors to consider when hiring a home health care caregiver.

Consult your loved one

Given that the caregiver will not take care of you but your loved one, you need to be sure that they will be comfortable with the person you have hired. As such, it is necessary that you take into account your loved one's opinion. Ask them about areas such as the gender of the caregiver they prefer as well as the age bracket they prefer.

Your preferred schedule

Would you like the caregiver to be present at all times or part-time? If you prefer full-time, you need to ensure that you look into the accommodation requirements of the caregiver. Are you comfortable with the caregiver living in your house? If you prefer part-time, what is your schedule? At what time would you like the caregiver to arrive and leave? Are they comfortable with that schedule? Those are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you settle on the caregiver to hire.

Backup plan

If you intend to have someone take care of your loved one full time, you need to factor in cases where the caregiver may be unavailable. For instance, they may fall ill or may have emergencies that they require to attend to. It is therefore crucial that when you are hiring a caregiver, you find someone else to cover for them when they are unavailable. This will ensure that neither you nor your loved one has to be inconvenienced.

When hiring a caregiver, if you are in doubt about making the right decision, seek assistance from other family members or friends. Moreover, there are several agencies proficient in finding you the best disability care service.