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How An Eyebrow Lift Can Help Make Your Face More Youthful And Feminine

There are plenty of ways makeup can make you feel more feminine, but cosmetics can only enhance so much due to limitations created by your natural features. If you are someone who has struggled to make your eyes look more 'wow' because you have full, droopy eyelids, you may have reached a stage of your life where you are wondering if a cosmetic procedure would eradicate the issue you have. An eyebrow lift is a perfect way to make your eyes look a lot more feminine and youthful, so it is time to learn more about this procedure.

What an eyebrow lift does

An eyebrow lift is a cosmetic procedure which moves the skin and muscles above the eyebrow upwards. The surgeon makes small cuts either in the scalp, the eyelids or the forehead, and then tightens the skin upwards.  Several changes to your appearance are noticeable after healing has finished.

What changes does an eyebrow lift make?

Because the skin and muscles move during an eyebrow lift, there are several changes you can expect to see after completion of the surgery:

  • an eyebrow that sits higher than before
  • less fullness in the eyelids
  • reduced forehead wrinkles
  • reduced frown lines around the nose

While the latter benefits might not be ones that bother you at present, they are a bonus to having an eyebrow lift done.

How do these changes feminise your face?

After healing from the surgery, you will feel more feminine because you can comfortably wear makeup. When your eyelids were full and droopy, using eye makeup was pointless. Eyeliner, for example, was hidden by the fullness of the lids. With the brow lifted, the eyelids are thin and sit higher. When you apply eye makeup to thinner eyelids, others see it more clearly.

Additionally, full, heavy eyelids tend to drag the whole eye on a downward slant. This heaviness can make a person look tired or grumpy all the time. The eyebrow lift pulls this sagging skin upwards, which make your eyes look more alert and youthful. Additionally, the reduction in wrinkles in the forehead and frown lines around the nose means your foundation makeup will no longer enhance those lines in your face.

Only a cosmetic surgeon can perform an eyebrow lift. Make an appointment with one to see how much difference an eyebrow lift could make to the shape of your face. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference this procedure makes.