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Why Consider Laser Whitening Instead of Using Bleaching Trays?

Everyone wants their teeth to stay looking white and healthy, but everything from lifestyle choices to environmental factors to simple genetics can result in staining and discolouration. As such, there are plenty of treatment options.

The most common treatment is bleaching, which involves applying bleaching gel to custom-fit trays and then putting those trays over your teeth for extended periods, usually as you sleep. However, you can also go for laser whitening, and here are just a few reasons why you should.

Faster Results

One of the best things about laser whitening is that results are seen a lot quicker. When you arrive for treatment, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque deposits, then coat them with a peroxide gel. Laser light will then be directed at your teeth to make the gel work more efficiently. It should take less than an hour for each treatment session, and most people will only need one or two.

When you use whitening trays, you'll need to keep them in your mouth for extended periods over a week or two, so the change is more gradual. Wouldn't you rather have everything worked out in a couple of quick visits rather than over a couple of weeks of wear?

Stronger Results

When discussing your potential results with a dentist, you'll hear a lot about shades. Your dentist will be able to check the current shade of your teeth and plan with you how much lighter you'd like to go. Unfortunately, whitening gels often fail to address deeper stains. Even if they can get your teeth looking the way you want them, you may need a couple of treatments to reach your goal. Thanks to the laser-activated method, laser whitening is a lot more effective when fighting tougher stains and aiming for whiter smiles.

Added Comfort

Actually, wearing whitening trays and having your teeth laser whitened is probably equally uncomfortable. However, you'll only need to suffer that slight discomfort for up to an hour if you go for laser whitening. If you choose to use trays, you're going to be wearing them over extended periods for a few weeks – in fact, most people are told to wear them while they sleep.

Peace of Mind

Some people worry about having their teeth whitened. For example, you may suffer for sensitivity, or you may be worried about using too much or too little of the bleaching gel. If you use too little, results won't be as dramatic. If you use too much, you'll taste it running down your throat, and you may even irritate your gums. With laser whitening, your dentist will take care of everything, and they'll be right there if you require any assistance or experience extreme sensitivity.